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Our friends Lori Ness, the host of blog talk radio show Northwest Prime, and guest co-host Michelle from Color Me GREYsessed! interviewed Team Fifty co-producer Dana Brunetti today.


Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

  • 8/1/14 is still the target date for the U.S. premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey (not 8/24/14 as some tabloids have reported).
  • Ben Affleck will NOT be Christian Grey. (LOL!!)
  • The final casting decision for Christian and Ana is bound to make some fans unhappy because there are so many favorites, but if Team Fifty does their job right, fans will ultimately love the movie experience. (We agree and have complete faith in Team Fifty and E L James.)
  • Team Fifty understands how important chemistry between the two lead actors is for this, or any, movie. Once Christian is cast, there will be chemistry tests with the actresses in the running for…

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