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This Man: A trilogy you don’t want to miss

So last week I finished reading This Man Trilogy wrote by Jodi Ellen Malpas, let me tell you, these books are beyond great.

Jodi started writing her first story secretly in November 2011, after work and at weekends, and it was finish by May 2012. This Man Trilogy was originally released last November as eBooks, on Amazon, because many agents rejected her work (how fool are they feeling now right?) Lol… So Jodi decided to self-publish it.

_68909033_jodiellenmalpas464But don’t worry and Unravel your knickers Ladies, because the trilogy is soon to be published as paperback this November… Yay! In fact Jodi tweeted a picture of the book, on September 25, with the caption: “I’m taking Jesse to bed tonight, ladies!”

ThisManBedThe story is about Jesse Ward, a muscular 6ft 3in ‘love god with dirty blonde hair, green eyes and a curiously minty odour’. Basically he is handsome, charming and confident, and runs a sex hotel called The Manor, but gets obsessed with Ava O’Shea, since the first moment he saw her, and they embarks on an all- consuming love affair. Ava is a 26 years old interior designer.

There are a lot if steamy sex (no -ish about it) scenes, in everywhere, since kitchen counters, limousines and on private jets. Also there is a little bit of BDSM.


Sometimes you get to hate Jesse, but and the end you will fall hard in love with him, at least I did, I still am.

The print editions of the books are coming soon-ins ladies!

You can follow Jodi on twitter: @JodiEllenMalpas She is so sweet and always keep in touch with everybody

Visit her official site:

Or her FB page:


Between the covers book club and teaser

Hola a tod@s, ya estan publicados los capitulos 1 y 2 del Fan Fiction escrito por Monique, traducidos a Español. Lean. Compartan. Difundan. Comenten. RT.
Laters Baby

fifty shades of grey and more

Hello ladies!

I hope you are having a fine weekend and that you found the company of a good read this week. 


To all the wonderful new bloggers, welcome to our cyber slice of FSOG continuation… I would just like point out that I have some one-shot stories featuring our favourite couple in the sidebar, below the list of music. These are all short stories, but sequels to the main story. And thank you to all my other followers, for walking this looong path with me. The blog is nothing without your continued support! 


Thanks to Kereny, I have also posted the long awaited first chapters of the Spanish translation of Meander. Please find the chapter 1 and 2 in the sidebar!

it fl

I have also updated the Italian translation with chapter 53. Thank you Paola!

book club

This week I read:


Everything For Us by M Leighton. I love this series. It…

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50 Shades of Dana Brunetti

Charlie Hunnam

Definitely the perfect Christian Grey

How sexy is he?



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Victoria’s new illo “First Time’s a charm”

Yesterday our dear friend and super talented Victoria from R&R made an illo in honor of Anastasia’s 24th birthday, remembering the first birthday that she shared with Christian,

Take a look at it  –>

First Time's A Charm

As always I loved, and also took me back at the moment when I read it for the first time…

It’s just lovely V…

Thank you

You can also watch the rest of her “illo’s” at and follow her on twitter @RufflsNRstr8nts

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Half #TeamFifty and Dakota Johnson

So sunday afternoon, after a stroll around NYC E.L James and Dana Brunetti met the beautiful Dakota Johnson.
E.L James took her twitter account to let us know


Part of the Team Fifty are in NYC, screen writer Kelly Marcel would be there tonight, so maybe more news to come.
Dakota is filming her new movie in NYC, so maybe they are working the Anastasia look…
Laters baby

@RufflsNRstr8nts New “illo” by Victoria – Taking the stairs –

The super talented Victoria just has published her new “illo” called Taking the stairs. On her own words “I chose to illustrate it from Fifty Shades Darker, Christian decided to employ the shoulder carry so that he could deliver Ana as swiftly as possible from the stairs outside the playroom to his bedroom on the first floor of his penthouse.”

Check it out –>

taking the stairsYou can also watch the rest of her “illo’s” at and follow her on twitter @RufflsNRstr8nts

Thank you Victoria!

Laters Baby


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