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UnRaveled is the 1st short story on the Bend Anthology, that include other great authors.

BEND_final_hig_resUnRaveled by K. Bromberg was simple arousing, exciting, hot, sexy and amazing. The story is at first kind of crazy but you get to be involved in it, and I just got caught with the whole thing. I loved the end, I kind of knew it who was behind everything, but confirming it was so f’ing good.

UnRaveled teaser…

Unraveled - quoteAnother one…

UnraveledAnd the synopsis:


UnRaveled by K. Bromberg

One night.
One mistake.
Filled with fear. 
Sated by pleasure. 
Robbed of control.
Blindfolded and bound.
Shamed she liked it.
Doomed to want it.
Limits tested.
Boundaries pushed.
Desire awakened.
Inhibition unleashed.
An identity unraveled.
Lives changed forever


I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…

Kristy once again thank you for a great writing story.

For more info about Kristy and her new proyects you can visit her on:

Web site:

Twitter: @KBrombergDriven

And you can hashtag on twitter about reading #bendanthology



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