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6784082This book is the end for Monica and Jonathan’s erotic and passionate romance (for now/ fingers crossed that the release of CODA will be ASAP). This is 6 months after Jonathan’s surgery, where he is having a hard time to recognizing his identity. He is soft, docile, and calm and Monica wants her Dominant back, OMG when Jonathan understands that, Monica get what she wants and crave and is fucking erotic, and I loved it every single line of reading!


18719273“Monica” (Songs of Submission #7.5) by C.D Reiss

Short. Free.
To be read after Sing.
This little short will be sent to the mailing list on 11/15/2013 in gratitude of all my fans have done for me. It will be part of the Coda, which is an epilogue of Jonathan and Monica’s story.

For more info about C.D Reiss and her projects you can visit her on:

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Twitter: @CDReisswriter


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