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Dana Brunetti Talks Fifty Shades of Grey on Northwest Prime

50 Shades Movie Fansite

Our friends Lori Ness, the host of blog talk radio show Northwest Prime, and guest co-host Michelle from Color Me GREYsessed! interviewed Team Fifty co-producer Dana Brunetti today.


Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

  • 8/1/14 is still the target date for the U.S. premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey (not 8/24/14 as some tabloids have reported).
  • Ben Affleck will NOT be Christian Grey. (LOL!!)
  • The final casting decision for Christian and Ana is bound to make some fans unhappy because there are so many favorites, but if Team Fifty does their job right, fans will ultimately love the movie experience. (We agree and have complete faith in Team Fifty and E L James.)
  • Team Fifty understands how important chemistry between the two lead actors is for this, or any, movie. Once Christian is cast, there will be chemistry tests with the actresses in the running for…

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Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Casting news

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone, I know I’ve been M.I.A, but I’ve just been to busy with work and new proyects.
Last night one of the producers for the Fifty Shades movie Mr. Dana Brunetti talked in a web radio show about the castings, and much more about the movie, he said that they (Team Fifty) are working a lot to get this movie right, they are looking for two people how have a great chemestry between them to play Christian and Ana.

Casting process is on the go, and  E.L James is in LA since last Monday, she’d been having a blast between partting with Capitain America A.K.A Chris Evans and Gossip Girl actress Jessica Szohr, and off course working in the FSOG movie.

Part of Team Fifty is in LA too, today E.L, Kelly and Dana are getting together acording to their twitter feed, that means more new news to come.

Model Bryce Thompson confirmed on his twitter account that he did a casting for Christian role and he is now on the tun for it, he is 30 years old, from Cape Town, South Africa and he is  sexy and hot

For now all the greysessed have to wait a little more for the cast names release, and as Dana said “There would be some fans happy and some not” but at the end of the day I know that they would pick the right ones to play this amazin characters

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Welcome me to blogging…

Hey nite nite people, first post here… I enjoy my life, love my family and live with passion.
Currently in love with Christian Grey! Obsessed even… #Greysessed acctually
In fact now that the movie (Fifty Shades Trilogy) has her director (Sam Taylor-Johnson) the cast will be take place soon, my personal choice to play Christian’d character is Henry Cavill, yes yes the Men of Steel! Superman.


How hot is he? He screams sexinest, hottnest and sex all over his body and eyes!

I call it off for tonigth, going to dream with Mr Grey, so have a nice, sweet and wet dreams you all…



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