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Fifty Shades Week Update

Hello readers, as you know, I’m a GREYSESSED, don’t you know what Greysessed means? Well basically is been obsessed with the hot, steamy, handsome, Adonis Mr. Christian Grey, character created by the unique and talented Erika Leonard James, better known as E.L James, she is the Master of the Fifty Shades of Grey Universe. (You got me right?) Lol.

Yeah I know a lot of people are too, that’s why the social network is getting more and fuller of information, news, and people how like to explore their writer’s side, letting their imagination fly, to continue the story of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

These past few days have been crazy; first as a gift for Mr. Grey B’day we have the great news from E.L James herself, about the director of the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy film, it would be Sam Taylor-Johnson, she is a British director, married to the actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson.
Sam will join Team Fifty, which includes screenwriter Miss Kelly Marcel, producers Michael DeLuca and Dana Brunetti and off course the Author E.L James.


Dana Brunetti, E.L james, Kelly Marcel and Michael DeLuca


Sam Taylor-Johnson, E.L James, Dana Brunetti and Kelly Marcel

The release date for the film, will be on August, 01 of 2014; Yay!!! I can’t wait to that day comes…
So that been said, we are just waiting and dying to know who would play Christian, Ana and the rest of characters from the books.
I’m on Team Cavill, but as you know he is Men of Steel, a.k.a Superman, so according to source, by fall he’ll be filming the sequel of Men of Steel, so for timing won’t be possible for him to do the roll of Christian, and also let’s face it it will be weird for kids if they find out that their Superhero is into BDSM lifestyle… mmm kinky. Everybody have their favorites, names like: Ian Somerhalder (Who said he loved the books and would love to play Christian); Stephen Amell, Matt Bomer and many other to play Christian Grey; and to play Miss Steele names like: Alexis Bledel, Emma Watson, Ashley Green, Lilly Collins and many others.
I would love to see Ian (Cause I find difficult for Henry Cavill to play the roll) and Alexis, they are the perfect Christian and Anastasia. Let’s see. Right now is taking place in San Diego the comic-con, E.L James is there attending it, I hope, I really hope that sooner rather than Laters, we get the news about the cast.

Now, I’m glad to share with all of you some blogs I’ve been reading, but like every single post, like all, here I go:

First is Michele’s blog:  Color Me GREYsessed , that was my fists one, I really loved it, I do love it, there you would find Michele’s good and exquisite taste to write, she continued Christian and Ana story with a new twist right after the third book (Fifty Shades Freed), she also wrote good stories in between books, so you would really like her. Also she is updating all the news surrounding Fifty Shades.


Color Me GREYsessed
You can also follow her on twitter: @CupcakeQueen_1

Then, there is Monique Lain’s blog:  Fifty shades of grey and more , as she wrote herself, is a fan fiction call Fifty Shades Meander based on E L James’ gripping books and more; is a multi chapter story that continues in the same vein as the originals and, along with some one shot stories. On Monday night I finish to read all the 52 chapters so far, the other good thing of this blog is that the chapters are translate into Portuguese and Italian, how cool is that? I won’t give much more but I think that you would like her, at first I was surprised by her approaching to the story but now I’m stick to it, and can’t wait for the next chapter.


Fifty shades of grey and more

Finally but not least important is Victoria’s web site Ruffles & Restraints, here we have and amazing drawer, sketcher, or how you like to call her, she drawn her illustrations or as she likes to call them “illos” (the short for “illustration”) she had drawn some scenes from the books that she particularly likes, they are pretty good ones, she got the picture of how Christian and Ana look like, I really love love her work, she is so talented and so sweet; so make sure to check out her web site and follower on twitter @RufflsNRstr8nts


Ruffles & Restraints

Have a good day and awesome week, I send you all good vibes and positive energy, smile every day, trust me would bring you back just good things.


Laters Baby

PS: There are many more blogs to follow, I’m just giving the ones that I read complete. Also if you are going to follow these blogs you better read all the three books first, because you will maybe find things you won’t like to read and know before.

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