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“Rachel” (Songs of Submission #5.5 – Songs of Dominance #3) by C.D Reiss

This is a short story that tells A LOT, it takes places at Jonathan’s and Jessica’s engagement party, where he has flashbacks from the time when he was in love with his sweetheart teenage girlfriend: Rachel. (You don’t need to read it to understand the ‘Songs of Submission’ series but is really interesting for you to read 😉 We get to see the Drazen family interactions, his pig father, drunken mother and seven overbearing sisters.

18176396“Rachel” (Songs of Submission #5.5 – Songs of Dominance #3) by C.D Reiss

A short song about Rachel.
Do people like you ever have wishes, Jonathan?
What does that mean? People like me?
People who have everything. Was there ever something you wanted, but could only wish for?

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…

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