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Ripped (Real #5) by Katy Evans

Ok, I didn’t like this book much. I mean, I liked the present part in the story, but half and more of the book the characters were remembering the past, I didn’t like it, it was like a lot of “what ifs…?” in the story. I liked that Pandora finally got her man, and she was able to be happy again. Kenna sometimes looked like a big jerk, I hated him sometimes but he did good making amends with Pan.

Ripped_coverRipped (Real #5) by Katy Evans

The fifth book in the New York Times new adult series that began with Real. When an angry, heartbroken girl is forced to be near her rocker ex-boyfriend, only time will tell if the fire between them will consume them both.
Pandora, the gothic friend of Brooke (Real, Mine, Remy) and Melanie, thought that getting her heart broken by her bad boy rocker ex could only happen once. But now, he’s back in town with the biggest concert of the year. Pandora hates him so much that she gets Melanie to come with her and play a prank on him at his gig. But when they are caught by security, and her ex himself is summoned, he decides not to press charges if she’ll follow certain conditions. Pandora likes none of his rules, or that he’s in charge of her, especially since they seem designed to make sure she’s in close contact with him again. But the closeness reignites the passion they once shared, and soon no matter how much she wants to hate him, it’s clear she’s still hung up on him. And worse: he knows it too.

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