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“Sing” (Songs of Submission #7) by C.D Reiss

Do you want to know when a book is good? When you feel everything you are reading, and this whole series made that with me, with Sing I cried a lot, but it felt great, I felt everything, the love, the grieve, the feeling of lost, you lose your hope at some point, but then you are back on track is amazing how C.D wrote this series, every little detail, every word, EVERYTHING. I felt in love with this crazy, beautiful, sexy, dominant, alpha guy that Jonathan is, when a guy wants to be with a girl but he has secrets, not just any meaningless secrets, but huge secrets he will be an open book for her, CD Reiss revealed his story in this series little by little, bite by bite. I love it!
I think these books are a lot kinky, we have a powerful female character that likes submits, she likes sex in a hard core level, but she has her own mind and express whoever she likes. Jonathan is in control of every part of her body
I like to read books like these that are series, but when they are complete, so that way I won’t be waiting like a crazy maniac for the next one, I did that with these and I’m so thankful because of it. Do you imagine me waiting for Sing after the cliffhanger at the end of Resist? No way in bloody hell!


“Sing” (Songs of Submission #7) by C.D Reiss

This is the last book in the series.
Take my hand, my love.
On sinews of air we tread
Aught but distance our guide
With no tempo to our gait
No endpoint drawn
Neither plot nor plan
By the thorns of a compass rose
We bound toward the horizon

I LOVED These series! Loved it! Loved it!


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